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SleepingBagStudios: “LeftField Keele is overflowing with talent and putting everything he’s got into these tracks”

LeftField Keele – Sandlot Album Review by Jeremy Gladstone on JULY 8th, 2013 Anytime I see a track called something like “Rollin Smokin,” the first track on this seven-track groove filled…

indiemunity: “Sandlot is a 7 track experience of deluxe hip hop”

This Album Is Pretty Much ‘Boss’ by Siobhan Chapman on JULY 2nd, 2013 Influenced by Snoop Dogg, Oukast and the Wu-Tang Clan, Toronto musician Kyle Leigh Barrowclough, better known as LeftField ‘Where the grass…

JamSphere Magazine: “SANDLOT is a perfect album from start to finish”

LeftField Keele: “SANDLOT” An All-Encompassing Authentic Feel! by Rick Jamm on JUNE 10, 2013 Kyle Leigh Barrowclough, better known as Keele, was born in Toronto, Canada. His father’s job moved him, his mother and…

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You can now stream Sandlot in its entirety on SoundCloud and download your own copy from BandCamp and iTunes

Sandlot Digital Release Set for May 15th

Available for pre-order on BandCamp now

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